Where it all started...

Mr. James and Mrs. Katheryn Mitchell
Mr. George and Mrs. Evelyn Hutchins

Created by two fathers hoping to provide resources and opportunities for both their families and community, Blakely Chicken was formed in December 1976. The partners—James Mitchell and George L. Hutchins, along with the help and support of their wives, Katheryn and Evelyn, respectively— initially employed family members and close friends to help manage and operate the business.  As time passed, the customer base grew to include not only local residents, but also patrons from all over the country.

As upstanding members of the community, Mr. James and Mr. George L. oversaw the management of the restaurant for over 3 decades until Mr. James passed in 2011. Shortly thereafter, Mr. George L. and Mrs. Evelyn decided to retire and sold their interest in the business to one of Mr. James’s successors—Rayne and his wife Kim. Rayne and Kim were then left to oversee the growth and determine the direction of Blakely Chicken while Mrs. Katheryn and their son, Quinten, remained part of the Blakely organization.  Also,  Mrs. Katheryn and Mrs. Evelyn continued to prepare wonderful menu items that make people travel from far and wide.

Since 2015 under the new management and guidance of Rayne and Kim, Blakely Chicken has shown significant growth while remaining a Southwest Georgia landmark.

“Same Cookin, Just Better Lookin”
Mr. Rayne and Mrs. Kimberly Mitchell

Meet our Family - The Mitchells and The Hutchins